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Application Tutorial

How to apply LUXE false eyelashes

Please follow these simple steps to apply your LUXE false eyelashes

- Start by choosing your favorite LUXE design.

- Take a measurement, by placing the false eyelash along your natural lash line. If the lash strip is too wide, use a small pair of scissors to trim the outer end of the LUXE false eyelash to your desired length.

- Curl your natural lashes, and then apply mascara to them.

- Dab a few drops of eyelash adhesive, and coat it evenly on the bands of your LUXE false eyelash. For best results, allow approximately 20-30 seconds for the adhesive to dry, before applying the LUXE false eyelash above your lash line.

- Apply and adjust, using a pair of tweezers.

- After the LUXE false eyelash is securely attached, cover the seam with liquid eyeliner for a more natural appearance.

Please follow these simple steps to remove your LUXE false eyelashes

- Gently peel the eyelash off from one end of the base.

- If you intend to re-use a pair of false eyelashes, it is important to thoroughly clean them and store them in the original packaging.

Please view our How to Apply video below for application & removal instructions

Tips & Recommendations from LUXE

- Apply your eye makeup before applying your LUXE false eyelashes. Also, try using eyeliner as a guide in order to simplify the application process.

- Try shaping LUXE false eyelashes with your fingers to make them curl more.

- When applying the glue, concentrate on the corners to decrease the likelihood of the false eyelash sliding off. If the glue is too wet, it will slide off. If the glue is too dry, it will not adhere. For proper adhesion, the glue should be tacky.

- When applying your false eyelashes, you may find it easier to work from one end of the eye towards the other end.

- After applying, give your eyelashes a lift with an eyelash curler to avoid a droopy appearance.

- Try blending your natural eyelashes to the false lashes by applying mascara.

- Try using pencil eyeliner to give your lash line a thicker appearance.