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Luxe Semi Wing

Luxe Semi Wing
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A refined style with extra length on the outer corners for added flare and lift.  It gives you a sexy, cat-eyed look, especially appealing with wing-tip eyeliner.

How To Apply

- Take a measurement, by placing the false eyelash along your natural lash line

- If the lash strip is too wide, use scissors to trim the outer end of the LUXE false eyelashes to your desired length

- Curl your natural lashes, and then apply mascara to them

- Dab a few drops of eyelash adhesive, and coat it evenly on the bands of your LUXE false eyelash

- Allow approximately 20-30 seconds for the adhesive to dry, before apply the LUXE false eyelash above your lash line

- Apply and adjust, using a pair of tweezers

- After the LUXE false eyelash is securely attached, cover the seam with liquid eyeliner for a more natural appearance


Please view our ‘How to apply’ video below for further instructions


Maintenance & Care

- Gently peel the eyelash off from one end of the base

- If you intend to re-use a pair of false eyelashes, it is important to thoroughly clean them and store them in the original packaging

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